Let’s Do Launch

As everyone knows, the past two years have been brutal on the hospitality industry. Many hotels and restaurants closed. Employees were laid off or let go. Properties that managed to stay open had incredibly low occupancy rates. My heart broke for everyone impacted.

And yet, throughout all of the craziness, many hotels launched during the pandemic as well. Most media and influencers were not traveling at this time, which is critical for media coverage of a property. Myriad hotels that truly deserved full feature stories in top publications as well as national awards, weren’t getting the attention and accolades they deserved. Now, as we start to come out of the pandemic, GVPR is treating hotel clients that may have opened one or more years ago, like they are just launching. Journalists and influencers are once again able to personally experience the hotels and write about their incredible design, food, art collections, unique amenities and hidden gems. It is gratifying and exciting to see hotel clients get the attention they’ve been seeking and the awards they deserve. One such example is GVPR’s new client Daxton Hotel, which was recently spotlighted in a full-feature Travel + Leisure story about being the coolest new luxury hotel in Michigan.

Having been through the trenches of the 2008 recession and the COVID-19 pandemic, the GVPR team is so grateful to be with our hospitality clients as they come out on the other side. As occupancy starts to go up, as ADR starts to rise, as restaurants and bars and spas start to buzz again with activity. We truly feel like we are part of each of our client’ teams and love cheering them on as things slowly start to go back to some version of ‘normal.’ we certainly aren’t ‘there’ yet, but we love being on this journey with our clients to get there.

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